Don’t buy a new bike - update their BikeFit!

New bikes are in short-supply, good job HUP bikes allow you to prolong the life of your frameset quickly and easily…so if you’re thinking ‘…the bike is looking small?’ and ‘…we need a bigger bike?’ - STOP! Measure their height and change a couple of key items - to get the next season out of their bike!

3 key components to check…

1. Change the cranks for longer ones, as their legs grow (this drops the saddle height down too) using the ’10% of their height’ rule +5/10mm, for the right length: CLICK HERE for HUP Cranks

2. Fit a longer stem to lengthen the bike (remember, if you have a Rotary seat post, turn the seat post offset towards the rear and slide back on its rails - as their torso grows) - make a decision on the new length based on the angles you are trying to achieve (usually 20-30mm longer than their current stem): CLICK HERE for HUP Stems

3. Wider handlebars are only needed as their shoulders broaden - often when they reach around 12yrs old, increasing the effective size of the bike too: CLICK HERE for HUP Handlebars

A Basic, simplified fit routine you need to regulary check (with correct length cranks fitted)…

STEP 1: Adjust saddle height (knee slightly bent, when cranks form extension of seat tube angle, HEAL on pedal) 

STEP 2: Adjust their saddle position (slide on its rails) to get the centre of the knee over the pedal axles

STEP 3: Adjust the stem length for the desired back/arm angle (approx 90 degree angle from spine to upper arm)

It’s quite common to get as many as 4 years from the same frame using this method (especially on 37cm frames). For more help with general bike fit CLICK HERE.

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